Past Musings

snowy Denver
Last Christmas

I’m staring at the shiny decorations and colours sparkling on the tree. I love coloured lights – always have. Outside people are dashing around in the frost looking excited and full of that pre-festive buzz. It’s even snowed a little to make the Christmas card effect that little bit closer to perfect.


20160916_152554Shimmer Like Mirrors

Picture It.

Friday 13th April, 1979. A young, innocent, teenage boy (that would be me) travels to the big city of Edinburgh for his first proper pop concert. Accompanied by three schoolpals and a rabbit gonk (that Angela Murray stopped me from throwing towards the stage incase I took someone’s eye out!), I saw the Queen of my musical world Kate Bush live on stage.


20131222_131247Say What?

Someone once said ‘Into every life a little rain must fall’. I can see how this works as a ‘we’re all in the same boat so buck up‘ kind of statement.

However, Dolly Parton took the monsoon metaphor too far, beating it to death when she spouted ‘If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain’.

feelingsNothing More Than Feelings

Sometimes we all need an emotional MOT. An inner spruce up can work wonders and there’s plenty of unconventional options to investigate.

Maybe you’ve always fancied finding your inner child (mine is probably in a huff). 

tea towelTea Towels and Tears

Spring cleaning time again.

With every move my space seems to have become smaller and my belongings reduced. A succession of clear outs has pared my things down to almost the bare essentials…give or take a treasured knick knack or two.

cruise 2Cruise News 

A few years ago, as another winter dragged on and the leaves continued to sky dive from the trees, I clung on tenaciously dreaming of sunshine and getting fresh air about my nether regions.


A Beginner’s Guide To (sort of) Keeping Fit

A New Year is a time for change. People make all sorts of promises to themselves about self improvement. Always being ahead of the game, I had a crack at it in the lead up to the New Year.