meeeeee2017 saw two of my pieces staged – Peg & Bessie and RingIn 2018 monologue Physical was  part of  Manc Made Festival and Peg & Bessie returned for the GM Festival. 

Next -comedy Won’t Somebody Dance With Me?an untitled festive play and Mono, a quartet of monologues.

Peg and Bessie

P&B flier

First performed at Hope Mill Theatre January 2017, then 4 performances at 53two in July 2018 directed by Sue Jenkins.

A perfectly crafted piece of theatre – North West Reviews.

The play is about the lives, laughs, loves and losses of two sisters in their late 60’s. A past generation of women, married for 40+ years who suddenly find themselves widowed. Those women were strong with an admirable stoicism to keep on going. This was the starting point of the piece for me which was inspired by my two funny, lovely, occasionally barmy Aunties. 


Audience Feedback

“Masterclass in acting, writing and directing…just perfect!”  p1 

“Lovely writing. Made me laugh & cry, could relate a lot”  

“Wonderful characters. Think something got in my eye in that  last bit!”  

“Charming, funny and touching. Fantastic script”                  

b1“To make people laugh & cry in the space of an hour is quite a gift”

The 2018 production featured Jenny Gregson & Kerry Willison-Parry in the title roles. The roles were originally played by Julie Root & Gill Powell in the 2017 reading.

An article I wrote for the show features here.


Performed at 53two in Manchester as part of the MancMade festival. A 20 minute comic monologue about the body not so beautiful. ‘It is better to be beautiful than to be good’ said Oscar Wilde. ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts’ said absolutely nobody!

RING imageRing

Performed at Manchester’s 53two in April 2017 as part of the Significant Other festival.

A 10 minute piece written, rehearsed and staged in 10 days. A funny and heartwarming story which explores the strains on a relationship with a very unexpected twist.

Review quote

“a well-written piece that never feels rushed in spite of the need to stay funny whilst covering a remarkable amount of emotional ground”